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8in1 Grooming Kit SH-1773 in Pakistan

8in1 Grooming Kit SH-1773 in Pakistan
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Rechargeable 8in1 Grooming Kit Shinon SH-1773 in Pakistan

8in1 Grooming Kit SH-1773 in Pakistan

Details product-cum hair clippers shaver, nose hair trimming Turbo engine SH-1773 8in1 Shinon:

- Material blade: Stainless steel

- Source: 220-240V

- Frequency: 50-60Hz

- Power: 3W

- Charging time: 5 hours

- Duration of continuous use: 40 minutes

- The kit includes: 1 machine + 1 bottle brush oil + 1 toilet + 1 charger + 2 + 2 trimmer head head head shaver + 1 + 3 nose hair cutter comb resize (3,6,10mm) + 1 Comb.

- Dimensions: 16 x 3.5 x 4 cm

- The size canning: 22 x 18 x 7 cm

- The volume of canned: 0.7 kg

-General Cum hair clippers shaver, nose hair trimming Turbo engine SH-1773- 8in1 Shinon

- Compact design through Minh-

Product Features:

- Product has 8 functions in one compact and convenient truth

 The engine runs strong, quiet with very little noise.

- LED display indicates charging / full or in use.

-  Compact design, both hands, it is convenient to use.

-   Is there oil replacement and 1 small bristle brush for easy cleaning.

- The shaver comes with pruning knives help you shave simple trim shave for smooth face dandy

-  First trimmed nose hair trim work long nose hairs, perpetrators and feeling itchy nose sneezing.

- On the switch body can help b eat first removing the cover to change function easily and conveniently

- Single-axis machine with flexible adjustment to move the machine under the curve angles

- Comb adjustment with 3 size for your desired hairstyle.

- The body adjusted hoat-

- Compact both hands CAM-

User manual:

- Charge the battery fully before using

- Before starting the engine chosen is suitable for your purpose

- Use to mount switch locomotives

- Turn the power switch to start work trimming

- After you finish using the locomotive assembly plant sanitation and preservation storage box factory.

- Durable material bi-


Caution when using:

Before using lubricant should investigate early sharp blade when cutting would more and quieter machine.

- Every time you finish using the trimmer to clean toilet and storage in a dry place.

- Do not use cleansers prevent corrosion

- Charging for too long will reduce the life of the machine

- The switch uses easy Dang

- There are 5 Danang tongue

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